Saturday, January 30, 2010


Eldest Daughter turns 12 this week. Her party was over the weekend -- pizza, designer cupcakes and the roller rink.


1. Gift cards are this year's IT gift.
2. A child that is not permitted to spend her gift cards until her thank you notes are written gets them done very quickly.
3. Taylor Swift is played a lot at the roller rink.
4. Inline skates are more popular than quad skates.
5. The local roller rink has not been redecorated nor had its carpet replaced since it opened in 1976.
6. Roller skating uses different muscles than does downhill skiing and the floor is a lot harder than snow, too.
7. The line to get in is very long on Friday nights and seems longer when it's raining.
8. Sisters and parents are a liability.
9. Roller skates come in sizes ranging from Toddler 6 to Adult 15. Surprisingly, there were a lot of preschoolers there.
10. The DJ thinks his britches are bigger than they actually are. And he's creepy, too.


Sara said...

I love your observations. Around here, #8 applies whenever we leave the house, not just @ a roller rink.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Em shares the same birthday. Can't believe they are 12!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Love the roller rink! That was a fave growing up :)

Hope she had a fabulous birthday!!