Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in that scary place

No one volunteered to do Thing 2's Class Auction Project this year so here I am again. I did another quilt, this time with a Halloween theme. Everyone loves Halloween, right? It's not as technically sophisticated as last year's fabric recreation of our community but it is clever in a children's sort of way. I think.

Thing 1's class did a Halloween quilt last year. The parent who made it is a professional quilter and both the design and execution were gorgeous. It did not go for as high as either of us expected, and the parent later speculated that she thought its use might be limited as people will only display it during the Fall. Heck, if I had been the high bidder it would have hung front and center in our home year round. But it went to someone else. My creation of another seasonal quilt will test this theory.

Sadly, I'm in that place where it just needs finishing touches and I can't decide if it's the ugliest thing I've ever stitched or if it's really cute. I only feel this way about Class Auction Projects because so many people see them. It's as if a bit of my self worth is tied up in how much this project brings in for our school. With the quilts I make for my family and friends I don't give this a second thought.

Time to get over it and just be done with it! Bring on the high rollers.


Neeracha T. said...

It looks cute to me!

Amy S. said...

It is adorable - did Jenna pick a candy corn? You failed to mention that your quilt last year was the single most expensive item sold at the silent auction. You earned the bragging rights... so BRAG! : ) I remember the excitement in watching the price rise with you via text or email...