Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday party? Check. Quilt? Check.

This weekend brought Martin Luther King's birthday and also dark skies which threatened rain. Thing 1 had her birthday party so going to Tahoe with the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area ski population wasn't an option.

I dragged Eldest Daughter to services at the synagogue nearest our home on Friday night. I'm glad we went because it was good for her to see how different groups worship. It also validated our choice to affiliate with a synagogue a bit further away, and where our cousin is the Rabbi.

Our Saturday morning was spent at Zaza having our nails and toes done, and eating Rice Krispie sushi, doughnuts, chocolate fondue, Jamba Juice smoothies and her favorite candy. Thing 1 was in her best, girliest form and it was a sweet, intimate fete. I just love Target. She's working on her thank you notes as I type.

Note to locals: the doughnut shop near our house was a zoo at 9am! I'm not sure what that was about -- it's not soccer season. The line was out the door both when we arrived and when we left. Is it the only purveyor in town?!

I did manage to finish The Quilt and am happy to have it off my to do list and ready for all of you high rollers.

Other weekend highlights included an impromptu dinner at Norm's with another family and Sunday night dinner at Wally and Jill's, down the street.

The low point of the weekend, if you asked the kids, was our venture to the south bay to look at new family room furniture. Both the drive and the time we spent in the showroom were too long for their taste. Fortunately they had several TVs on showing football so that placated Dave, who was a very good sport. Anyone out there want to finish up this project? I've been at a loss since our interior designer moved to St. Louis three years ago. I've got a lot of skills and interests, however, home decoration is not one of them.

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Paige said...

Love the picture AND the quilt! Fantastic, fun party and congrats on finishing that fabulous art piece.