Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fewer museums, more shoe stores.

In a nutshell, that sums up my recent experience traveling to London and Amsterdam without the kids.

Here are some other things I noticed:

1. I lingered over meals, and even ate them when I was hungry, not when the clock or someone else's stomach dictated. I could skip meals altogether and also mentally move an apple tart into the fruit salad (aka healthy) category.

2. I rode public transit without cries of "Can we take a taxi instead? I don't like streetcars / metro / buses." I actually like figuring out and taking public transit; it's part of the experience.

3. When I got lost on the way back to my friend's home in London, I convinced myself that I was exploring the neighborhood rather than cursing the fact that all those adorable row houses look the same.

4. I was not constantly on the lookout for bathrooms, knowing that someone would soon need one. And I was not getting glaring looks, imaginary or not, from merchants knowing we were more interested in the plumbing than their product or service.

5. I did a whole lot of people watching and then discussed those people with my travel mate, sometimes using words or making observations I would not use around impressionable young minds.

6. I flew home as an involuntary standby passenger and didn't stress about it.

7. The kids and Dave are fun, intellectually and socially curious travelers. I missed them!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Things you do when your daughter is going to have her ACL surgically repaired.

  1. Blog. For the first time in six months.
  2. Stop watching Grey's Anatomy reruns.
  3. Stress bake.
  4. Facebook. See where all those high school seniors are headed next year. Send texts to their parents congratulating them all. 
  5. Go out every night of the week the week prior so when you get home at night you go straight to bed, reducing the amount of free time to think about the fact that someone will be slicing open your baby and doing some rearranging of parts in there.
  6. Work. A lot.
  7. Volunteer. A lot.
  8. Curse the French Laundry for changing its private dining room policy so that rooms can only be reserved 60 days in advance.
  9. Read. A lot.
  10. Research rehabilitation programs designed to bridge her physical therapy back to her sport.
  11. Take your daughter to visit a friend who had her ACL surgery this week.
  12. Take everything out of the freezer, clean it and put everything back in, organized.
  13. Rearrange the dining room furniture.
  14. Make a list of non-athletic summer options for your daughter.
  15. Visit a friend with an adorable one-year-old.
  16. Clean out kitchen junk drawer.
  17. Delete duplicate pictures from iPhoto.