Saturday, May 17, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do.

The youngest Pinks' B'Not Mitzvah is in September. A B'Not Mitzvah is a Bat Mitzvah for two young women.

We've recently parted ways with our temple, the only one Dave and I have ever belonged to together, the only one our children have ever affiliated with. This saddens me but it's like many other breakups where one person changes and it's no longer a fit for the remaining person. In this case, our temple of 12 years got a new rabbi and we dislike his leadership style. It's not a decision we took lightly.

However, this departure provides us with an opportunity to have this B'Not Mitzvah in a highly personal way, one that really suits our family.

We'll do the service in our backyard, looking out to the hills. (Consider the trek across the grass, friends, when you choose your shoes. Save your Prada for the party.) We're really excited and have engaged another rabbi, someone we have known since childhood and just adore, to work with the Pinks and officiate. It will be musical and enable us to celebrate this milestone in a way that is meaningful to us.

It is hugely different planning a multi-day event with six months' notice than it is with two years' notice. Some things are easier. For example, the DJ was a no brainer. Some things are harder. Our first choice caterer and photographer are both committed to weddings that day. Fortunately there are no shortage of opinions in our clan, many based on our experience four years ago with Eldest Daughter. I have engaged the fabulous Jenna, who will help us with all of the bits and pieces and is my reality check and sounding board, especially the day of the service and party. This will free me up to enjoy all of you!

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The picture above was taken when Thing 1, Thing 2 and I went shopping for dresses to wear during the ceremony. Thing 2 hates shopping and wanted the second dress she tried on, a huge victory in my book!

Stay tuned.

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