Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top 10 Bat Mitzvah Questions

1. What do we wear? Modest clothing to the service. Anything goes to the party. We will be dressed up. This is your chance to wear the good bling.

2. How many people are you having? Why do people ask this question?! We're having all the people who are important to Eldest Daughter.

3. Do you need help? Oh yes. Thank you for offering!

4. Is it like a Jewish wedding? No. Jewish weddings are shorter.

5. How long is the service? Two hours give or take.

6. Can we skip the service and just come to party? Nope.

7. Are you nervous? No, excited.

8. Will there be food? Hello?! This is a Jewish event. Of course there will be food. I'd recommend you fast all day Friday to be sure you have enough room to eat it all.

9. What should we expect from at service? Lots o' Hebrew.

10. How is Eldest Daughter handling all this? As well as any hormonal 13-year-old would. She's euphoric that her peeps are coming from as far away as Cayman to celebrate this simcha, and she's also worried about missing a few days of school to enjoy them all.

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