Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Friends

When Eldest Daughter was in preschool we often socialized with five other families. As circumstances, interests and situations changed we drifted apart. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime and some live in a specific time and place. This was situational.

Two of us are still very close and I am grateful for the special friendship which has stood the test of time. Last weekend, we ran into a third at the She's All that Conference. I thought it would be awkward but it wasn't. I was just happy to see her.

And then there's Caryl who I met at my first job out of college. She was the first person I showed the ring to when Dave popped the question. She married a great guy and this year, against all odds, they moved to our suburb.

Together they run an events management firm and I spent yesterday working from their offices while my car had its tires changed. So much fun! We worked, we laughed, Scott ran across the street and picked up lunch for us.

Old friends are such a special breed. So are new friends.

I remember my MIL once saying that anyone she's known less than a decade is a new friend.

Although I will never be able to thank all the people who contributed to Eldest Daughter's Bat Mitzvah, I'm going to try.

Caryl baked donut-shaped cupcakes that were all the rage. She and Scott also took all the care packages for the troops home with them after the party and delivered them to our house the next day.

Paige set up all the activities and signage the night of the party. She also hauled home and delivered the signs and leftover centerpiece elements.

Jill made a crack-of-dawn run to the Flower Market Friday morning then created arrangements. She also put together the vegetables and dip for the Kiddush luncheon and provided Eldest Daughter with the fabulous sparkly shoes she wore with the Betsey Johnson pouf. Jill conceptualized the ribbon explosions that adorned the centerpieces and random collection vessels, and taught me how to make them myself.

Mark and Kristin, our sweet next door neighbors, schlepped wine, signs and coat racks to the party, and then the signs and coat racks home. Jackie procured that fabulous wine.

My Aunt Evelyn made the toffee that went fast.

My mother assembled and delivered the hospitality bags and then she, my father, and my MIL also threw a delicious family dinner Friday night before services. My MIL also contributed four cakes and chocolate dipped dried fruit. My mom was in charge of rugelach.

Lori coordinated the oneg Friday night and talked me off the ledge numerous times. She also created the invitations, with Paris' help.

Barry picked up cheesecakes and hauled balloons away.

Many friends and family cooked and baked for the festivities: Coleen, Honey, Jacquie, Sharon, Lainie, Candace, Jen, Lisa. Lisa even loaned her college-bound Eldest Daughter, a Denon & Doyle party motivator, to make sure the DJ and his team fulfilled Eldest Daughter's every musical fantasy.

Margo and Dennis assembled centerpieces for the party, and moved lights and balloons around once the party got underway.

Let's not forget Tristan, who came out from Salt Lake City to be our masterful beautician for the weekend. I didn't know her all that well before she came but wow, she's talented and fun. We are so grateful to her, and to Paige for hosting her. If you need styling, she's your gal. The only issue we have now is that Eldest Daughter and I want to buy everything she used on us.

Sara and Thom were our go to team. Sara helped me with so many odds and ends the day of the party and we relied on Thom for back up to our very-pregnant photographer. He also did a lot of schlepping.

I owe you guys big.

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