Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stairway to Heaven

What were we thinking?!

At one London tube station the escalators were out of service. Our options were to wait in a long line for the elevator or to take the stairs. The sign noted that there were 192 stairs, or the equivalent to 15  stories, to the exit at street level. One hundred and ninety two stairs doesn't seem like that many when you're young (ish) and in decent shape. Halfway up those stairs it starts seeming like a bad idea. Three-quarters of the way there it is very clear how bad of an idea it is. I was simultaneously laughing and gasping for air. Eldest Daughter was ten steps above me the whole way and kept saying, "You coming, Mom?" The staircase is spiral, without exits, just a continuous curved wall of subway tile.

Every so often we'd see a sign like this. Of course that was all we saw on our way up. No one else was dumb enough to do this.

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Audrey Wagner said...

If I recall, some of those tube stations have *many* hundreds of steps to the top! Or maybe my memory is exaggerating. But I do remember those signs and being thankful not to have to take the stairs. It was nice of them to give you the remaining tally. Glad you made it!