Friday, May 23, 2014

Walk this way.

One of the things I thought funny about London was the reminders at crosswalks of which way to look before venturing across the intersection. Hayley told me that they are so many visitors to London that this is a necessity. I remembered this when I saw a similar one in Pleasanton on Friday. Are there that many people visiting Pleasanton that drive on the other side of the road that this is a necessity, too? Or is this some kind of joke? For those of you who frequent Pleasanton, it's on Main St. near Towne Center Books.

Filed under the general "we liked it" category in London was the tea. Eldest Daughter and I liked how people enjoy their tea. It's like frozen yogurt in the US -- an afternoon snack. But it's much more civilized and formal than just grabbing a fro yo in a Styrofoam cup.

We had a late lunch at Selfridges (no apostrophe, I looked it up!) and at the table next to us was a father with his tea companion, an adorable 4 or 5 year old daughter in a Liberty of London print dress. They were drinking their tea and eating some sort of sugary treat, just chatting away. It was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes.

In the Kensington High Street tube station Eldest Daughter and I found a restaurant very similar to Sideboard, which is where I am writing this blog post. We had tea there one afternoon and thought long and hard about buying the cookbook. It also struck me that the owners of Sideboard should publish a cookbook. I've been here an hour this morning and the line still winds out the door. Strangely, I've seen no one I know, which is very rare for living in a small town. The people next to me drove down from Clayton, 30 minutes north. So much for our hidden gem. But good for small business and our local economy!

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