Monday, April 27, 2009

The ultimate boys' trip

I never understood how couples could vacation separately. I thought it weird that "he" went golfing in Scotland while "she" spent a week antiquing with her sisters. And then I blinked and five years together turned into ten which turned into twenty. We still had a lot of mutual interests but we still had our own, too.

And the came the kids.There are some places you can't easily take kids. And trust me, our kids are globetrotters: they joined our life, we didn't join theirs. But still, some trips are meant to be taken with your friends. I get it now.

Dave is in Dubai this week. While I'm happy for him, I'm also a little sad. It's been 18 months since he quit his 80%-travel-sales-management job and we're used to having him around! (And I am no longer used to doing all the cooking, cleaning, chauffering, fight mediating and homework supervision.) I have no one to blame but myself: I put together this trip for him after discovering that my friend David was going there on business.

My biggest fear is that my husband will come home with a new job as my friend David is a partner in a global executive search firm and this is a partner's meeting. (Note to husband: it better be a job you are over-the-moon in love with. I like you being home.)

If you recognize the photo above then you're familiar with Dubai. As I type, Dave is asleep, having sent me ten texts telling me how hot (temperature-wise) and how cool (so much to see) Dubai is. First on his list? Ski Dubai. I don't think he's going to miss us much.

P/S to all you Single Ladies. David is a catch. He has been divorced for about three years, has no kids, lives in Austin, is a great cook and really nice, smart guy. Let me know if you want an introduction.

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Paige said...

I plan my husbands trips too. To family camp in Utah. Good thing Dave already knows you are the best wife ever.