Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sleepless in the Suburbs

Earth Day ended on a stressful note and here I am at 6am the next morning, about to kick off a new client project, on four hours of sleep and a cup of Earl Grey. Not optimal.

After the movie I came into the office to catch up on some paperwork. There was buzzing outside the window and it became increasingly louder. Rolling up the shades gave me an up close and personal view of a bee hive that seemed to come from nowhere. I started to feel nauseous.

My office phone rang and my client wanted to talk. That's when I saw the first bee inside the house. It was quickly followed by more than I could count. I hung up on my client and Dave and I did a full on attack on our new house-mates. Actually, I fled and opted to pick up the kids at school while he did the dirty work, which included sealing the spot where they entered the house, helping the ones inside the house return outside, and calling Orkin to finish the job.

An hour later I was back on the phone with my client and Dave and Orkin had done their jobs.

Having an office full of bees is an image that will stay with me a long time. My dreams last night were all bee-related and surely that contributed to the sluggish pace of my fingers pressing upon the keyboard right now.

Fortunately, after the meeting wraps, I'm taking Paige to the new Burke Williams Spa as a thank you for keeping Thing 1 for a weekend in March. Bring on the pampering!

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Polka Dot Moon said...

We just found another football sized hive in our front yard tree! The tree next to the first hive we had a few weeks ago!

There are thousands of them!