Sunday, April 26, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

We went to the A's game this afternoon with our next door neighbors and their three kids. Our neighbors had never been to a baseball game, having immigrated from Iran. All the mother and elder daughter knew about baseball they learned from Twilight -- I love them!

This is what the six kids, aged 4 - 11, did during the game:
  • Ate hot dogs
  • Drank soda and rainbow-hued Icees
  • Ate cotton candy in three pastel shades
  • Ate Orange Dreamsicle sundaes, Dippin Dots, Drumsticks
  • Cracked peanuts, threw the shells randomly around the bleachers and ate some
  • Played musical seats
  • Looked for Stomper, the mascot
The funniest part of the game was me trying to explain the game to them: the objective, the rules, the importance of statistics, the playing field, the strategy. And I didn't even touch on the 7th inning stretch or Dot Racing. I know this game pretty well and never realized how hard it was to explain until I tried! The only thing funnier than me trying to explain it was the pained expression on Dave's face as I did so.

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ryland_rat said...

Some of my favorite memories as a kid of our trips to ballgames to see the Chicago Cubs!