Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ski Team: the season in review

I was a little sad when I returned The Pinks' ski rentals Sunday afternoon. We are really and truly done skiing this year. The picture at left is of Thing 2 and her two ski team BFFs.

Saturday was the last ski race of the season -- Big Air. As the name alludes, it's jumps. Well, one jump. I was surprised how many of the kids actually landed upright. And I was amazed how many of the 8- and 9-year-olds could do very tricky things while in the air; it was a beautiful thing to watch. Thing 2 did not place but hey, it's her first year and I was just glad to see her compete; she was ambivalent about this particular event.

Here's what I learned as a newbie Squaw Valley Ski Team parent:
  • The coaches are phenomenal; they are even-keeled, committed, great with the kids, and accomplished skiers themselves.
  • The back office is a disaster, IMHO. More than 150 US Ski Team members have come from the Squaw Valley Ski Teams in spite of this.
  • The Wildflower Bakery cookie pass is a great idea but The Pinks didn't use it very often. (If you get a box of Wildflower Cookies from us this week, you'll know why.)
  • A child who arrived in Tahoe late Friday night, slept seven hours then skied six is still capable of playing outside in the snow for three hours after team.
  • Ski team requires a certain amount of force. Force to make their lunch the night before, even though you are exhausted from the drive and altitude. The next day, force comatose child to eat the hot breakfast you have lovingly prepared. Force them to brush their hair even though it will be restored to its previous state the moment they put their helmet on. Force yourself to not scream when looking for their favorite mittens, which have somehow disappeared from the place they were stored last Sunday night. Force their feet into their boots, grab their skis and force them out the door, where they suddenly remember how much they love to ski and disappear for the next six hours.
Dave stayed down in the Bay with Thing 1 and Eldest Daughter. Thing 2 and I hung with the neighbors and one of them took pity on us Saturday night and invited us to dinner. If not for that it would have been sushi at Mamasake (aka the place I have twice spotted Sean Penn). Greg served Raclette, which is worth a mention because I have not eaten it in many years. Greg actually had a Raclette set (sort of like a fondue pot) and served the melted Swiss-made cow cheese with potatoes, dried meat, pickled onions.

At the end-of-year ski team party Thing 2 won the award for most talkative aka the Chatty Spice award. It makes perfect sense to me.


Thom Singer said...

I know this will surprise you, but I got the "Chatty" award when I was in little league. She has a bright future!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I know for a fact that she skis better than me!!! Can't wait to see what she's capable of next year.

Kelly said...

Sounds like she had a great season!