Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Frozen Chosen

This is my last post on Tahoe for now, I promise!

Hanukah began while we were at the lake. We lit the menorah the first night with our downstairs neighbors. Their daughters are about the same age as ours and this was the first year they really played together well. Their kids are very sweet and also great skiers. It's the eldest's sixth year on ski team and they come up every weekend and holiday during the winter.

On our last night at Tahoe we had dinner with four other families at one of their homes in Tahoe Donner. We each contributed something and it turned out to be a fairly traditional Hanukah dinner: latkes, chicken, matzoh ball soup, salad, baked goods. As with all Jewish events, there was twice as much food as was needed and a good amount of wine consumed.

Overall, it was a great week up at Tahoe. You know how you're usually happy to come home, to your own bed, to your own routine? This wasn't one of those times; I'd much rather have stayed up there another week. The thing is, our tendency is to ditch town the second school is out (or in this case, two hours before school is out because there was break in the storm). Then when the crowds descend following Christmas, we're home. The downside is that we miss hanging out with all of you folks but in reality, we're grumpy when we have to wait too long for a table at restaurants (outside in the cold), or in long lift lines, etc. So this setup is really optimal for us.

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