Saturday, May 29, 2010

So you want a cell phone?

Dave is brilliant. Just brilliant.

The eight-year-old Pinks want cell phones, just like their big sister. They don't need cell phones.

Every now and then, at the end of the school day, Thing 1 borrows some random child's cell phone and calls us from the bus to let us know Thing 2 is not on the bus. Then Thing 2 hops on the bus at the very last moment and Thing 1 calls back to tell us that Thing 2 did not miss the bus after all. In the nine months that The Pinks have taken the bus, Thing 2 has never missed it coming home.

The thing is, cell phones are easily misplaced. If we had an extra phone for the little kids, chances are they'd lose it.

Here's the part where Dave's brilliance comes in.

Today he gave the little kids each a golf ball. They need to keep track of it and at any given time one of us can ask where their "phone" is and they have to be able to produce it within 60 seconds. They don't have to keep it on them, they just have to know where it is. This will show us if they're responsible enough to have a phone.

As I am typing this Thing 2 has come in here asking if I know where her "phone" is. What do you think?!


Tristan said...

The golf ball is totally genius!!

Neeracha T. said...


Postcards From The Hedge said...

brilliant. Sheer brilliance. Sure I will have a chance to try it, and to pass on your wisdom. So glad you're in my life!