Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!

It's my better half's birthday. Isn't he adorable?! He's taking one for the team today (hopefully it's not too much of a sacrifice, Sweetie!) and playing in The Pinks' elementary school golf tournament fundraiser.

Here are ten things you may not know about him:

1. His favorite ice cream is Loard's peppermint.
2. He is smart. Really smart. I don't tell him this very often because I'm competitive.
3. He is an exceptional, loyal friend.
4. He thinks camping is when you don't stay on the concierge level of the hotel.
5. He, his mother and his grandmother were born at the same hospital in Oakland.
6. He makes the best guacamole! This may be a residual from going to school in San Diego.
7. He has only lived outside of California once, and that was during a college summer when he went to school in Hawaii.
8. He is very proud of his high school friend Bill, who hates climbing and is attempting to climb Mt. Everest this month.
9. His daughters are his whole world. Giving up that sales management job paid off because they are very attached to him. In addition, they tell me, "We prefer the lunches Daddy makes us."
10. He always knows what to say and what to do, and he says and does them. He is my best source of advice, both business and otherwise, logic and sanity.


Paige said...

Wonderful post for a fantastic guy. You are both lucky to have each other!

Anonymous said...
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Neeracha T. said...

What a sweet post - Happy Birthday, Dave (albeit a bit late, just catching up on my critical reading today!)