Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just show me the kitchen.

It's that time again -- I'm looking for a Summer 2011 vacation rental. The best houses let a year in advance so it's me against the clock right now.

We take a big family vacation every other year. Last summer we went to Spain with our extended clan. Next summer we're probably going back to Italy.

What's not to love about Italy?! The pasta / gelato / pizza / wine is incredible and even the most discriminating young child will eat something. The locals are welcoming. The scenery is beautiful. The architecture draws you in, especially the ornate churches. And the shoes and leather goods are tempting enough to get even the most conservative shopper into debt.

After three go rounds at this we know that the kitchen is the most accurate gauge of the condition of the rest of the house. If the kitchen is spotless and modern, the rest of the house will be, too. If it's got cracked countertops then the floor boards in the bedrooms will squeak. If the chairs at the kitchen table are mismatched then there will be no recliners by the pool. If there is art hanging in the kitchen then the flowers outside the front door will be in full bloom when we arrive. Trust me on this one.

The two kitchens pictured here are on our short list for 2011. I've just emailed the owners. Let's hope that one of them is available on our chosen dates.

We're getting pickier over the years, too. We like the pool to be not too close to the house. We like to have our own bathrooms. We like screens on our windows. We like to be walking distance from town. And we like our wifi to be reliable and fast!

Wish me luck.


Sara said...

You always do a superb job of researching and selecting the villa, so I have every confidence that you will, once again, blow us away with your find! And you're absolutely right about the kitchen being the barometer for the rest of the accommodations. ;-)

Neeracha T. said...

LOL, so true. With the current picks, we do need floor plans. Reading the various descriptions has confused me as to the layout and also the # of bathrooms...

Thom Singer said...

Is there a bakery that I can go to to get donuts and other treats when I am the only human awake in the house at 7 AM? That early riser thing I have benefits the rest of the people as they wake to fresh pastries and I have had espresso.