Tuesday, July 29, 2008

School clothes shopping

Eldest daughter and I began her school clothes shopping today. She's 10 and, in this past year, has become brand conscious. I'm not surprised, given where we live. However I was hoping we'd go another year or two before this happened. No such luck. Our days of Hanna Andersson and Gymboree are gone.

I'm trying something new this year. I hate to admit it but I learned this one from my parents. It's the Clothing Allowance. Of course my father's version involved a year-long spreadsheet and distributed payments. (Are you reading this, Dad?) I must have been older when this started. Our version is simpler, involving one lump sum, distributed by me today, in cash. It's what she can spend on her school clothes until she hits another growth spurt and needs more.

So today, cash in hand, we went to our local shopping district. We started in Nordstrom, where shopping is always a pleasure, and then went to Macys, where the service is indifferent at best and where the merchandise is crammed on rounders. In between we went to the luggage store, where I bought an electrical adaptor for Southeast Asia. An adaptor is different from a converter. Yes, I'm still working my way through my Thailand list.

She bought things at each, including one significant designer purchase. Let's hope she likes it for a long time! I kept my mouth shut except when asked a question regarding fit. Tomorrow we'll pop by the local mall, where she'll check out Hollister and Abercrombie. My guess is that she'll spend the rest of her wad in late August, when the stores fill with fall clothes, instead of just having summer clothes on sale.


Paige said...

It's hot here until October, so go for the sale summer clothes. And I am completely impressed (dismayed?) that you are shopping with your daughter when you leave for your huge trip in a few days!

Paige said...

Sorry, not done. I clicked on the link for "designer" and it didn't go anywhere. Was it juicy? I think the problem here isn't that the girls are so into designer clothes, but their mommies even more! I am guilty of it myself of course, and the clothes look so much better on them than me.... Gap is my favorite designer for the girls- OK and Roxy. Although we got some great skirts and t's at Target today.

Polka Dot Moon said...

So this is what I will get to look forward to with Jillian :)

Jackson's only request when shopping is "no stripes". They aren't cool!

Kelly said...

I still get the Hanna, etc, catalogs and look at all the cute clothes and realize we've moved onto a new stage.

Glad you are getting some of your stuff ready for Thailand :)