Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are Wii Fit yet?!

I am not a video game person. I never did Pong (Do you remember that? It was the 70s!) or Tetris or even Grand Theft Auto or Guitar Hero. Dave reluctantly bought a Playstation when Sony was his customer and after six months of use down here, it moved up to Tahoe where I literally do not know how to plug it in.

And then the Wii arrived in our home. For the first month Dave and the pinks played it. Tennis and boxing and bowling and Tiger Woods Golf and Mario Kart. I ignored it.

Then came the fateful morning that Dave went to Costco. He arrived at 10a, like he often does. But this time there was tidal wave of people moving from the door to somewhere in the warehouse. My guy is sharp. And he has long legs, too. So he followed the crowd and we found ourselves the proud owners of Wii Fit, on the very first day it hit the stores.

One of the first things you do on Wii Fit is take a fitness test. My girlfriend also managed to score one this day and confided to me that her Wii age was 49. I expressed the appropriate amount of horror at this piece of information then took the test myself. I then phoned her back and expressed an additional amount of angst at this since I, too, have a Wii Fit age of 49. I was born in 1967. You do the math.

Fast forward to today. I'm hooked.

Now my application isn't typical. I don't get up in the morning and turn the Wii on to get my workout in. I don't do it at night before I go to bed. A typical day for me begins at 5:30a with some work. I work until 7:30a or so when the kids get up and then I spend a little time with them, usually involving breakfast. When our nanny arrives at 8a I go back into the office and do a conference call or two. Sometimes three. If I'm lucky, a call will end early and then it's Wii Workout Time! Ten minutes of hula hooping or ski jumping is the perfect mental break from technobabble. I'm refreshed and ready to get back to business. Rinse and repeat.

One last note about this game: I absolutely suck at the soccer balance game. The thing is, I am a shoe magnet, even shoes for sports I have never played in real life, so every last one of those puppies nails me in the head.

Wii Fit suggests you retest your fitness each time you turn it on. I can't bring myself to. What if I've aged even more?!

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Jackie said...

We are Wii Fit!! took months to find it! but we got it and love it!!1