Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home again

We're back from Tahoe. Although we can make the drive home in 2 hours, 45 minutes, today we took our time and even stopped at Fenton's Creamery at the Nut Tree for dinner. Eldest daughter's favorite clothing store is there, too, Justice. I sincerely hope she enjoyed her shopping there today as we will never go there again. I heartily disagreed with one of their business practices and hey, if you don't exercise your right to choose where you lay down your hard-earned greenbacks, what good is living in America?

Aside from the sundae I had with dinner (in truth, it was dinner), the best part of our day was rafting down the Truckee River with two other families. We do this five-mile float annually, this time going with the Truckee River Rafting Co. Basically, you heavily douse with sunscreen and take a cooler full of drinks and snacks into a river raft. Then you float down the river, padding from time to time to avoid the banks. You hydrate, eat and either instigate or defend yourself from water fights with other rafters. You hop in and out of the water to cool down and you get absolutely filthy. The rapids are barely Class 1 so even little kids can go. Three hours later you pull out at River Ranch and eat lunch on the patio and then you take the shuttle bus back to your car. It was a gorgeous day, the kind my friend Thom Singer calls Chamber-of-Commerce-Weather, with temps in the low 80s when we pulled out, and the sky was blue, something that's not a given this summer since the whole state seems to be on fire.

So we're home. It was well over 100 degrees here while we were away and fortunately the heat wave has passed. Eldest daughter leaves for sleep away camp in three days. I see a Target run in my future.

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