Friday, July 25, 2008

Locks of Love

By complete fluke I took the youngest pinks for haircuts this week. Dave has been doing it the last six months but his golf game ran long on this particular day so I went.

When we arrived, Thing 1 insisted she wanted just a trim. "I want to be Rapunzel." And this child has long hair so she doesn't have far to go. But then she just had a change of mind and gave Janet the sign to whack it all off. Now she's sporting a classic bob and wow, it's cute! Her features just pop. I was completely shocked that she made such an impulsive decision. After all, this is the child who can kill a full hour just deciding what to wear. There was just enough to donate to Locks of Love.

Here's the irony: Eldest Daughter has had long hair -- classic dancer's hair -- for the last five years. I've long wanted / begged / encouraged her to have enough cut off to donate. Nope. She's pretty attached to it. Then Thing 1 just does it spur of the moment. Won't she be shocked when she gets home from camp?!

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our so called life said...

I have a friend who's kids have donated a few times to Locks of Love. What a great thing she did! And such cute cut too!