Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The phone call I never expected

"Hello? I'm looking for Thing 2's Mom."

"This is she."

"My dog, Chloe, and I met Thing 2 last week at the park. She was with your parents."

"Oh, yes?"

"Chloe is having her 7th birthday party on August 17. I'm calling to invite Thing 2."

"To Chloe's 7th birthday party?"

"Yes, to Chloe's birthday party."

"And Chloe is a dog?"

"Yes, a Yellow Lab."

Let's make sure we understand this. My daughter, Thing 2, has been invited to a dog's birthday party.

I've read a fair number of parenting books. I can debate Ferber, attachment parenting and 123 Magic with the best of them. Nothing I've read prepared me for this parenting moment.


Squirt's mom said...

Okay-Delanie's birthday is the 26th and I have no idea what I am doing for her party (she is away at camp so I think we are looking at late Aug. or Sept.) Yet this person already has a party all set for her dog? Crazy!

Paige said...

Peeing my pants, laughing out loud at this one.