Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shalom uvracha Rabbi Rick

I went to services at the synagogue last night. There are services every Friday night but I rarely go; I'd rather tuck our kids into bed then climb into our bed with my book and unwind from a busy week.

Last night was different: it was Rabbi Rick's last Friday night service on our bimah. There were more people there than I've ever before seen at the temple at one time and this includes Yom Kippur, when even the barely Jewish Jews show up. Joining him was the contemporary Jewish singer / songwriter Julie Silver. Wow. It was a beautiful, moving, musical service complete with drumming by a professional musician member of our congregation, Kelly Fasman. In all the hours I've spent at services, I've never heard a drum beat. It was not at all out of place.

Rabbis Laura and Rick are moving to Fresno, in California's Central Valley, where he will lead a congregation there. Laura has a rabbinical job within the Union of Reform Judaism that she can do from anywhere. Last night brought lots of tears and lots of laughs. I was sad more than anything else and had to keep reminding myself to breathe. He has been a wonderful rabbi for our young family. We will miss him.

I'm scared now. I fear that the temple, without Rabbi Rick, will no longer feel like home to our family. I'm fear that the melodies of my childhood, which this rabbi has brought into the Three Pinks lives, will be forgotten.

I don't want to be a wandering Jew.

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Paige said...

I'm so sorry you are going to lose him! He was fantastic at Paris Bat Mitzva. I really enjoyed talking to him. Then of course I have a thing for charming jewish men!