Sunday, June 19, 2011

A very Special Olympics

Not much sleep was to be had last weekend between the riding, the graduation parties (two, not our kids) and The Olympic Club Ski Team Awards Dinner.

Late Saturday we decided to volunteer at the Northern California Special Olympics Bike the Bridges ride on Sunday morning. Handing out t shirts and checking in registrants was no big deal; getting to the ride, 30 minutes from our house, at 7am, was. This involved getting up at 5:45a and doing a Peet's run then meeting up with the friends we recruited to volunteer with us en route to the ride. It was so worth it.

Apparently this was a police department sponsored event. There riders were mainly police officers of many different types: UC Berkeley, BART, El Cerrito, Oakland, Hercules, Martinez. There were also a few fire fighters there including my dad's (horse) riding friend, Peter, who I barely recognized in his biking gear. Usually I see Peter in leather and more leather.

I've spent the last three years working with technologies used for public safety. So when the emergency response vehicles showed up I was very excited in the nerdiest of ways.

After our gig was up we had breakfast at a local greasy spoon, Victoria's Cafe. It was exactly what we expected and just what I needed.

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