Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Phil's Phabulous and Phifty!

We're just back from a phun Memorial Day weekend in LA with my sister-in-law and her phamily.

Her husband turned phifty and we celebrated in style!

Dave and I had this great idea to break up the phive-hour drive with a stop at Six Phlags Magic Kingdom. This was brilliant: phour hours of well-behaved children in the car and happy for an early departure then three hours of LA sun and phun on the roller coasters. We arrived at the Conwisar Resort & Spa in time for dinner.

On Saturday Dave golfed with the birthday boy and his entourage, Thing 2 swam and swam and swam and I took Eldest Daughter and Thing 1 to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We walked from Hollywood and Vine to Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater (with attached shopping complex) and back. It was the phirst time I'd ever done it. There were many, many stars I did not recognize. The first eight stars were set in terrazzo there in 1958. Today there are nearly 2,500 stars. As a sidebar and in case you were wondering: the Vine end of Hollywood Blvd. is rather seedy. Who knew there was an entire store of pole-dancing shoes?!

Dinner that night was phive couples at Boa in Beverly Hills. Khristina got her picture popped with the TMZ boys out phront. Dinner was very good -- steak and traditional sides. The people watching was even better. See and be seen anyone?! In LA people aren't even subtle; they just walk around the restaurant staring at the tables to see who is there.

Sunday we did the extended phamily and phriends birthday celebration - about 100 for a swim party. My SIL is such a seemingly effortless entertainer and we actually talked about it. As she put it: You work. My full-time job is my family. I plan our social life. This explains why her house really is like a resort and spa, and why every dang party she throws is noteworthy. She had Mexican phood brought in and even Thing 1, who is notoriously picky, woofed down a few tacos.

Thing 2 had been in the pool for the better part of two days at this point and lost it toward the end of the evening. Her phingers and toes were raw and waterlogged and she managed to get a sunburn in an odd place even thought she was thoroughly coated in SPF 30 all weekend. She slept like a rock.

I'd like to tell you that I had three very hard workouts in their home gym. But I didn't. We were having too much phun.

I did try their new TRX suspension system, though. I really enjoy their phriends. They are mostly Jewish, unlike ours, and a lot of those who work do so in entertainment. It's a great crowd to be with and act like a phly on the wall.

Michelle and Phil have a different relationship with their daughters' phriends than we do with our daughters' phriends. I love observing different parenting styles and will blog about that another time. We're all bumbling through this together!

Our present to Phil was the completion of his daughter's book, the latest in the My Friend Paris series. How do you like the birthday cake? Phil's been very serious about his personal training these last few years. Even the party phavors kept with the theme.

I was a little sad to leave Monday morning but not that sad knowing we'll be back in August. And if we're lucky, a phew of the more distant cousins will join us in Verona this summer.

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Michelle said...

Phantastic! We are always happy to have you and your phamily at all oph our phestive events. xoxo