Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's BatM Funnies

I got an email from "Valerie" today. We are friendly with Valerie and her husband, and our daughters have been friends since first grade.

She inquired about appropriate attire for the BatM. I gave her my usual response: covered shoulders for the women, knee length or longer is better for skirt length at the service. Anything goes at night -- most women will wear party dresses and men will wear jackets and about half will wear ties.

Her response? "'Eleanor' told me that parents don't get to come to the party." I laughed and said, "I think Eleanor may not want you there but we invited you and we do hope you'll come!" I'm so glad we clarified because Valerie said that they really did want to come and had been looking forward to it.

I suspect Eleanor is busted tonight.

And then ...

Yesterday was the cut off date for RSVPs. There are a dozen people we have not heard from, mostly Eldest Daughter's middle school classmates and my weird relatives.

This afternoon, after the mail came, I picked up the phone and began making calls to the outstanding invites. I'd made six calls when the texts started coming to Eldest Daughter's phone. I'd humiliated her. C'est la vie. As her mother, it's my right.


Postcards From The Hedge said...

I don't get how following up on unanswered r.s.v.p.s is humiliating to anyone but the person who didn't respond...but them I am not thirteen (and it's been a while)

Paige said...

I'm so impressed only 12 people did not RSVP! Jews are so polite. The Mo's get about 30% response rate. It's like the polite gene skipped us. We lost it crossing the plains to Utah but the Jews managed to retain it for millions of years. Last week I got a "are you coming" email for a wedding I forgot to RSVP to. I felt humiliated. Rightly so.