Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seven days and counting - Top 10 List

Eldest Daughter's Bat Mitzvah is in a week. Here's a peek at what's going on inside my head:

1. It will rain. It won't rain. If you were at our wedding you will understand this.
2. There will be too much food. There won't be enough food.
3. One of us will get the flu.
4. My clothes won't fit after coming back from alterations.
5. Eldest Daughter will have a growth spurt this week and her clothes won't fit after coming back from alterations.
6. A storm will strand Tristan in SLC and I'll have to do our hair and makeup myself.
7. The kids won't eat the centerpieces. Please, under 21s, eat the centerpieces! Over 21s too!
8. People will try take home the centerpieces. Who started that tradition anyway?!
9. The photo montage will not be finished.
10. My friend from college, who gave much thought to attending but in the end could not, will go to the SuperBowl instead to cheer on her beloved Packers. I will, of course, blame this on her husband and never speak to him again.

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Tristan said...

I didn't even think about the weather! LOL I just checked and it says it is going to be sunny and a balmy 35 hereon Thursday. Although Sunday looks questionable here so maybe I'll get stuck in California! HA!