Friday, January 7, 2011

Polar Bear Plunge!

Thing 2, no stranger to cold water*, participated in the community pool's Polar Bear Plunge.

With an outside temperature hovering around 40F and light rain, I was not sure she was going to get out of her warm bed to do it.

She placed second.

The funniest part was the lifeguards' race. Three late teens, all water polo players, screamed like 2-year-olds as they hit the water. They then swam laps at the speed of Michael Phelps and pulled themselves out of the pool seal-style with a loud grunt and belly roll, all with matching grimaces.

* A few winters ago Thing 2 went to the outdoor hot tub at Tahoe with our neighbors. One of her friends dared her to swim across the pool, which had ice-berg-like masses in it. Of course she did. I'm glad I didn't know this until after we got home.

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