Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wrapping Up

I begin my new gig in a week. Since deciding to change my work situation I've been frantic tying up loose ends because starting a new project is synonymous with a reduced amount of free time and an increased amount of mental exhaustion.

As everyone knows by now, in the Jacob vs. Edward drama Edward gets the girl. Seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 was on my list. The movie was fine. I just needed closure on the whole dang thing. It feels like forever ago that I read the Twilight Series.

It was not forever ago that I read Fifty Shades of Grey. But I needed closure on that, too, so I powered through the final book in the series. This was not a good use of time but at least I know how it ends. And I had to return the book to the library by the office.

I baked for our next two NCL commitments. This is my current favorite cookie recipe. It's similar to risotto and soup in that you use whatever you have in the house, in this case, for the top of these three-layer cookies.

The Steve Jobs book by Walter Isakson. Surely I'm the the last person in the Valley to read it. In technology circles its quoted as often as The Minority Report and The Social Network. My first clue was finding eight copies on the shelf in the Mountain View Library. Truth be told, it took me a long time to get through. Isakson is a gifted writer and I wanted to savor the words (the opposite of Fifty Shades) and also think about it, too. I began my tech career in 1989, toward the beginning of Apple's historic rise, and even worked on the short-lived NeXTWorld Magazine.

Deferred Tech Support. Off to the Apple Store I went with one ancient desktop and two laptops to migrate the data from the old one to the new two. I needed to straighten out Apple IDs and iTunes Libraries. I gave some TLC to my PC, which has seen little use this last year. It needed software upgrades and a good reorganization. A dusting too.

Filing. Recipes and travel articles and health insurance claim forms. Creating new files for 2013.

Framing. The kids' art and new black and white pictures we had taken in Mexico. Hanging all that stuff. Taking old stuff down. Deciding where to put old and new framed art. This takes time!

Alterations! I'll be in an office five days a week so I did a big drop off at the seamstress as well as parked myself in front of Pitch Perfect on demand to do simple fixes myself. You can skip Pitch Perfect.

Shopping. I hit the mall for some work wardrobe basics, essentially winter sweaters in fun colors to go with all those boring pants I just hemmed. Also foundations. Thing 1, now 11 and who was with us, found this part as much fun as having a flu shot. Eldest Daughter enjoyed it more and for the investment I made on her foundations, I should have let her go to Victoria's Secret like she wanted to in the first place. Note to mothers of teen daughters: Betsey Johnson is not your friend at Nordstrom.

Holiday Cards. I reread your cards, refreshing myself on your beautiful children and 2102 highlights, and mentally assigned category winners to them. I hope to blog about those awards in the coming months. So far I've got Most Photogenic, Funniest, Most Creative, Most Content, Best All American and First.

My list is getting shorter and the daylight hours are getting longer. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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