Saturday, January 19, 2013

Observations from this Dance Mom

There should have been an Abby Lee lookalike award at Hollywood Connection last weekend. Dead serious.

This was Thing 1's first dance competition and convention, and that face-spanning smile at left stayed with her all weekend. She took classes all day Saturday then dolled up and performed. Her team won second place and gold, for those who keep score. We'd planned to watch the older dancers compete after we'd had dinner but she lay down on her bed in the hotel and opened her eyes 11 hours later.

Eldest Daughter stopped dancing competitively five years ago. Here are my observations after returning to the scene.
  1. This year's trend in costumes is derriere adornment.
  2. This year's trend in hair is wigs. Piggy tails. Pony tails. Colorful, fun, wild things, too.
  3. The level of competition has increased. By an order of magnitude.
  4. Cash is king if a dancer eats chicken nuggets and pizza. Finally there is convenient food set out for the dancers that does not involve sitting down, waiting and tipping on bad service. If a dancer does not eat these things then the Dance Mom spends her weekend dashing to and from Panera, Jamba Juice, Chipotle and Subway. 
  5. The further away the competing studio is from a major metropolitan area, the greater the chance the Dance Moms are wearing blinged sweats branded with their studio name. Watch out Nicki Minaj.
  6. I am far less competitive than other people. I just want Thing 1 to have a good time.
One down, three to go. Plus Disneyland.

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