Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who quits a job they love?!

Me. More on that later.

I woke up bright and early on January 1 and made Coq au Vin. I'm eating it right now and it's good. So good it was worth all that shopping and chopping and sauteing and braising and reducing. It's gluten-free, too.

Why did I cook instead of sleep in? Because one of my goals for 2013 is to cook more. And to cook more I need to spend more time at home, which is also why I quit a job I loved. It's hard to be a great mom and wife when your mind is constantly spinning #perftest messaging. I'm sure I'll love my new job, too, and I'll especially love that it's 43 miles closer to home and that I'll be able to see The Pinks both morning and evening. We're on the back nine after all.

The hardest part of quitting my job was actually getting the words out of my mouth. I literally had to force them out. And once I did, the recipient of that phrase, "My last day is January 11" sat back in his chair, paused and then said, "Really?!"

I'll be working on a change management project at PG&E come January 14. It's on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek. Who's up for lunch or walking?

Happy new year!


LoriB said...

congratulations! fill us in on the list about the old job and the new! So nice to not have that kind of a commute.

Thom Singer said...

Congrats (on the cooking and the new job)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! So excited for you! And that coq au vin recipe sounds divine!! ;-)