Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Credit: KTVU
If you had two minutes to grab your most valued possessions and leave your house, what would you take?

I did this today. Into a laundry basket went:

  • Three baby books
  • Jewelry
  • The watch my late FIL gave my husband
  • Cash
  • Passports and birth certificates
  • Binder of negatives
  • My three favorite quilts
  • Work Mac and Personal PC
  • Purse
And then the police told us that the fire near our house was under control and we didn't need to evacuate.

The fire was so close that the local TV news was broadcasting from our gate, the same gate The Pinks walk through to pick up the school bus. We could see the scene from our gate as it played out less than a half mile up Mt. Diablo.

The Pinks were scared at first. Then we listened to the dispatch on firedepartment.org and watched all the fire crews put it out. And then we had dinner and went for a swim.

It's summer after all.


Caryl Lyons said...

Your last 30 days have been very exciting. Can you please be a little more boring? LOL. Glad everything is OK.

Anonymous said...

When you said 'fire weather', you weren't kidding. Baby books are first on our list of when we are in a severe tornado warning to take to the basement. Same concept.