Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An evening with Coldplay

Dave and I joined some friends and neighbors and random others for a night in San Jose's HP Pavilion to see Coldplay. This is one of Dave's favorite bands and the second time we've seen them.

It takes a lot for me to see live music. I like it but find it a hassle; the seating arrangements and ticket procurement, the babysitter, the late night. Chris Martin et al put on a good show Friday night and it was fun to hang with the neighbors, who do this sort of thing a lot. At one point Chris forgot the words to a song he was going at solo and paused, said something not suitable for a blog which some children read, and started again. That was funny.

Thirty of us took a private bus to the show; I was delegated the dinner, which the nice caterer at Draeger's assisted with. I also did Kara's Cupcakes, my personal favorite. There was a lot of celebration going on on that bus, and it only increased post show when we were en route home. I heard that it continued once we got back to Danville but I'm not sure; Dave and I were in bed moments after paying Rosa off.

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