Monday, March 5, 2012

29 Again.

Why is 29 the ideal age?

I have a few ideas:

1. Many women are not yet buried under kids.
2. Many woman are settled into their careers.
3. Many women still have that youthful stretch to their skin, the stretch that isn't yet droop.
4. Many women are in steady relationships and have the means to travel and do things like triathlons and grad school before entering the heavy-responsibility, light-sleep years of parenting.

I spent my birthday at the happiest place on earth: the ski slopes of Squaw Valley USA with my family. Four feet of fresh snow fell the week before we came up and it was the best day of skiing all year, as was evidenced by the parking lot, which filled at 9am.

My brother and his family joined us on the slopes, and for dinner along with some neighbors and friends from Northstar.

And as a bonus, Squaw celebrated SnowFest and we were treated to fireworks the night before and a full weekend of music and Rahlve's Bonzai Tour of freestyle skiing.

The kids kept their comments about me being the slowest skier in the family to themselves. Mostly.

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Postcards From The Hedge said...

Ski with me and they will leave you alone. Slooooow!