Sunday, February 26, 2012

There goes the neighborhood.

There are thirty-something homes in our neighborhood. We know all but a few of the neighbors and socialize with several of them. Two are close enough friends that they came to Italy with us last summer.

Something is going on this year, though: a bunch of them are moving. There's no one event driving this. Two are becoming Empty Nesters. Two more are moving to retirement communities. Another couple is retiring and moving closer to their adult children. One is selling so they can turn their wine country home into a family compound and live there full-time.

We've been in this house ten years and don't foresee moving until the kids go to college. Then it's off to the Four Seasons Residences in the city.

Still, it's unsettling because there hasn't been much turnover in this neighborhood to date.

I wish my brother and ice cream SIL would move here. But they won't. They enjoy remodeling too much to buy a home that's move-in-ready.

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