Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally, a real ski weekend.

Some snow has fallen since Christmas. Not a lot but enough to make a trip to Tahoe worthwhile.

I have missed the mountains. I have missed the snow. I have missed the scent of pine trees. I have missed our neighbors.

We skied. We had dinner with our neighbors. We ice skated at Northstar with friends and had dinner. I'm going to start calling Northstar the northern outpost of our Bay Area suburb. So many familiar races around the rink! Thing 2 waited in line for 1 hour 35 minutes to have her face painted. Who knew she had such patience?!

Now let's talk about the much-hyped ski-through Starbucks, the first one of its kind in the US. It's been featured prominently in the news, even on CNN. Well, it's not so much ski-through as it is ski-up. It's really a window in the Gold Coast Complex. So if you hop off the Funitel, carry your skis and poles down the long corridor and put on your skis prematurely then you can scoot to the window and order your grande, extra-hot Caramel Macchiato with half 2% milk and half whole milk, no whipped cream. And then ski uphill a bit to the bunny hill chair or ski down to the intermediate and advanced chairs. The reality is this: anyone with any ski ability whatsoever takes the back door off the Funitel and bypasses Starbucks and the novice skiers altogether en route to the more challenging terrain.

And, for the record, I saw no one on skis holding a Starbucks cup. So there you have it. The world according to Leslie.

I was sad to come home today.

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