Friday, March 9, 2012


In 48 hours I will be on a flight to Singapore to visit Hillary, a friend from college. She moved there just last summer and I am exited to be one of her family's first visitors.

But I also hate leaving The Pinks on another continent. Natural disasters do happen, you know. What if The Big One comes? One of my friends was stuck in Europe when the Icelandic volcano erupted and also in Hawaii on 9/11. I'm not worried about The Pinks' care; my folks will undoubtedly do just as good a job, if not better, than I would.

I've packed very light considering this trip also includes Shanghai, which is, on average, 50 degrees cooler than Singapore. I'm only bringing a carry on so about half is clothes and the rest is things for Hil and her family: books, food, things like Neosporin which she hasn't yet found a suitable replacement for.

Ahead of me are forty hours on a plane. My laptop has 17 movies loaded on it. I have more than enough work to do.

But mostly I have butterflies.

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