Monday, August 23, 2010

Open letter to my precious firstborn

Dear Eldest Daughter,

It's the first day of school.

As you were walking out the door I did what I did every year, I chased you with my camera. I made you stand by the front door while I shot your picture. (At least you were all dolled up; I was out there in my pajamas! And I did notice that artfully applied eye makeup, by the way.) In turn, you made me promise not to post the picture on Facebook or my blog. Deal. I am standing by my word.

It's clear that you think this annual photography ritual is cruel and unusual punishment. Every year you give me the same annoyed look.

Do me this favor, sweetheart. Go to Facebook and see how many parents have posted these same pictures, the ones by the front door.

While you abhor this back-to-school exercise, everyone else you know is being tortured in this same way. And believe me, you will do it with your children, too.




Tristan said...

I need to see her photos! That is a Mother's right ;-) I get to take photos/torture on Wed morning!

Sara said...

Please let Paris know that J&K were also "tortured" in the same manner yesterday, and as I drove K8 to school, I saw other parents on their front porches doing the same thing (in their PJ's too). We even reminded them the night before that this routine would take place so they (really just Jax) could get the eye rolling over with ahead of time.

Neeracha T. said...

LOL, I am of the other camp.... no pictures for the past few years...don't tell Paris though ;)

Anonymous said...

i like auntie neeracha's thought