Sunday, August 29, 2010

Because my mother does.

I baked banana bread for my longtime friend Caryl and took it to the house she just bought in our suburb.

I baked lemon cookies for our new neighbors and dropped them off, too. Not this weekend but fairly recently.

Why did I do this? Because my mother always did this. It's welcoming.

I say to my children, "Put a sweater on; I'm cold." Just like my mother did.

I can make chicken in 25 different ways, just like my mother does.

I have too many plastic containers, just like my mother does. I, however, throw them out from time to time and replace them. She still has Tupperware from my childhood.

I get Time magazine, like my mother does and has since before she married my father 40+ years ago.

I sew well because my mother does.

What do you do because your mother does?

Wait 'til I do this one about you, Dad!


Michelle said...

I love this! I think I entertain well...cause my mother does.

Ron Hutzul said...

Sadly, most of mine are things I'd consider character flaws and that I'm working on as 'areas of personal development' While I won't bore you with the list, suffice it to say your post must have induced a speck of dust to jump into my eye and cause it to water just a little - whilst I recognized that not everyone gets to have the positive lessons learned from their parents. The good that comes of this is that I'm now thinking of the list of things the do well because of me that I'd like **my** kids to be able to post that considered cheating?