Monday, July 6, 2009

And the Oscar goes to ...

Dave and Thing 1 for Tastiest. The mosquitoes were relentless. You would have thought this was a camping trip!

Neeracha, for Most Dedicated Blogger and Best Restaurant Picker.

Sara, for Most Comprehensive Analysis of Neeracha's Blog in Order to Optimize Vacation Time. Sara even plotted Neeracha's picks on a Barcelona map with colored stickers!

Thom, for Most Committed to Daily Churro Procurement. The poor guy needs to learn to sleep in.

Leslie, for Most Likely to Blog with Thom's Pictures Without Crediting Him. I swear, Thom, it was only because I was too lazy to download my pictures to Peter's laptop, sort through them, then delete them. All the pictures on this post are mine. Besides, what good is having a professional photographer along if you can't rip off his photos?

Anna, for Easiest, Most Agreeable Child and 7-Year-Old Most Willing to Try New Foods. How is this possible for an only child?!

Mom and Dad, for Most Improved Participants. During our Italy trip in 2005 they were the first ones out the door in the morning and the last ones home at night. We actually got to spend time with them this year. Nice job Mom and Dad!

Linda, for Most Creative Use of Two Outfits During a Week-Long Trip. American Airlines lost her luggage both to and from Spain. Her bag finally caught up with us less than 24 hours before we headed back to the states. I have to give my MIL credit; this was an inconvenience but, seasoned traveler that she is, she did not let this get to her.

Peter, for Best Quote. I won't put it down verbatim here but it had to do with what he called Vampire Porn and my need to get through the first season of True Blood on my iPhone. The show is on HBO for a reason, folks.

Kate, for Best Joke From a 7-Year-Old: If you're American when you walk into a bathroom and American when you walk out, what are you while you're in the bathroom? European!

Steve, for Best Collection of Sherbet-Colored Polo Shirts.

Hilarie, for Most Committed to Sunscreen Application. One look at her gorgeous children and you'll know why.

Thing 2, for Most Vocal if Deprived of Her Daily Swim. My Energizer Bunny really needs her exercise.

This is my last post on Spain. Woo hoo!

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Thom Singer said...

You forgot one:

Leslie, for her repeat performance in organizing an amazing vacation that is forever a HUGE memory for her family, and the other families who had the honor of being there. I know that Jackie and Kate will never forget their wonderful childhood summer vacations spent in beautiful houses around the world with the Morris Family (heck, the grown ups will never forget either!!!)

Thanks again. It was spectacular!!!