Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten things I love about Fall

1. Seasonally appropriate accessory shopping.

2. It's still warm during the day but it cools off at night so you don't have to run the dreaded air conditioning and get a horrible night's sleep because you wake up every time it goes on and off.

3. The Thanksgiving issues of all the cooking magazines will soon appear!

4. Halloween -- everyone's favorite holiday!

5. You can sleep with the windows open and hear the crickets.

6. My mom's apple pie. I'm not sharing the recipe because I still think about trying to launch a business with this recipe-to-end-all recipes.

7. You can begin to reduce the amount of time in between pedis.

8. Boots. High ones and low ones and suede and leather and rain boots (but not in California).

9. The leaves begin to turn colors.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Aaahhh.............my favorite time of year! But I could do without the 100+ degree temperatures we are still enduring.

Happy Fall :)

Amy S. said...

So many of my favorite things too -- as a native CA girl, love the warm days and windows open at night. And all those little missing polish chips on my toes... that are my little secret!

I also love the Niles Canyon Railway -- we have gone a few times, but not lately. I have not taken the girls to the ballet... but should!

I can not wait to get my sweaters out too! I am ready!


ryland_rat said...

Testing my blogger account, Leslie. Don't mind me!

ryland_rat said...

Ok, now it works. Wheww. That took me awhile. I wanted to comment on your post about swimming at the Claremont. We go there every summer with our friends, who are members. They make a kick-ass margarita at the pool-side bar!