Sunday, September 7, 2008

Red Rubies, Rainbow Unicorns and Ladybugs

You know those friends who are just amazing people? After you spend time with them you just feel better?

Kymi is one of those people. She started out as a client and then became a friend. The Pinks and I were fortunate enough to spend time with her, her husband and their French-speaking 5-year-old son this weekend. We've had playdates with them before. This little boy plays well with girls and boys and he's as fun to hang with as are his parents.

They invited us to swim at The Claremont, where they are members. It was well over 100F in our suburb so post soccer we were happy to head over the hills and enjoy their company and temps a few degrees cooler.

The Claremont has a sweet membership setup: food and beverage, including full bar, towel service, a great view of the Bay Area, valet parking, and three pools and a hot tub. This is Golden Bear territory so they even had the game on in a room with big, comfy sofas. Although I'm still hot and tired, I have a smile on my face, the smile of someone who experienced just a bit of magic.

Where do you find Rainbow Unicorns, Red Rubies, Shining Stars, Ladybugs, Pink Pansies, Flower Power? On the Girls U7 soccer circuit.

Thing 2 had her first games this weekend. She really got into it, in spite of the heat. I love watching her run around. She's in it for the camaraderie as much as her love of running. It's high fives at every opportunity.

Thing 2 wears her hair in a fairly short bob so we don't do a lot with it. However, there were some great soccer tresses being sported on the field -- pony tails with soccer ribbons, scrunchies, etc. Thing 2 wants to grow her hair out so this may be in our future.

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Neeracha T. said...

We are Pink Power! Note the exclamation point - it's part of the team name... Other names in contention were Pink Pandas, Pink Panthers and Pink Pythons. We played the Blue Lightning on Saturday.