Thursday, September 25, 2008

An open letter to my short-lived colorist

Dear Karen,

I really enjoyed the time we spent together Wednesday morning. You are a perfectly lovely conversationalist and my hair looks fabulous. Transcendent. Alex gave me yet another brilliant cut and the color you artfully applied really completes the look. Thank you.

However, I was totally appalled when I discovered that said color, applied over a two-hour period, cost me $360 not including the tip. My bad. I should have asked before I underwent the magic treatment. I am not the kind of girl who can justify spending over $500 for a cut and color every eight weeks. It just seems socially irresponsible. And it also seems rather high for services rendered in Walnut Creek. After all, you are a twenty-something early in your career, not a celebrity stylist in LA.

So again, thank you. I hope you understand. I really did enjoy the VIP treatment. I just wish I'd known I was getting it while it was happening. I have to go back to work now.



P/S The gal walking around the salon offering strawberries and Brie at lunchtime was a nice touch. The Brie was flown in on its own Lear from France, oui?


Paige said...

WOW. For that price I'd expect a full wheel of brie and a hair transplant. I'm sure she'll appreciate your helpful letter. I seriously think you should let her know.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Yikes! Your note is perfect stated and justified.

Amy S. said...

I just started going to a GV mom - Janine Perry and I am very happy with her cuts and color... she is kind, reasonable and in San Ramon off Bollinger near Club Sport. Her daughter is in 5th.... Have sent several friends and they all look great. I do too when I do not wear my hat! : )

Thom Singer said...


you are such a great writer. This story sang off the page. OUCH.


Kelly said...

Well you make my $120 coloring/cuts feel so much better. Thanks for the enjoyable read.