Monday, August 11, 2008

Top Ten Thailand

1. The Thai hold their king and queen in such high regard that many wear yellow shirts in his honor on Mondays and blue shirts in her honor on Fridays.

2. Bottled water is available everywhere and costs roughly 30 cents. (Tap water is not the first choice in Bangkok.)

3. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Life must be good there. (See my smiling friends, at right.)

4. A 45-minute cab ride across down costs $3 USD.

5. Thai silk

6. Taxis come in all of the colors in the rainbow plus pink.

7. Movie seating is assigned. If you buy your tickets online then there's no need for you to go early. You can also get more expensive seating, if you wish, and sit / lay in a daybed.

8. The Thai love ice cream.

9. Massage is a way of life.

10. It's the best place to have a surgical sex change - both in terms of number of surgeries done each year and services they have to support someone recovering in great comfort.

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