Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School registration

Is anyone else out there utterly exhausted from this exercise?

Today was the day I consider to be the hardest day of the school year -- and it wasn't even a real school day.

Today was school registration. It was the day I learned of my daughters' class assignments and more importantly, learned who else was in their classes and who was not in their classes.

It was a good day, excepting the stress of it all. (And from the looks on the faces of the other parents completing the same exercise, I wasn't the only one feeling the pressure.) Although two did not get the teacher I would have chosen for them, their teacher assignments are just fine and they're all in class with at least one friend. More importantly, my children are not with the class terrors from last year. There will be new ones, of course, but at least we won't be showing up on Day 1 with that apprehensive dread of things to come.

Thirteen more days of summer ...

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Paige said...

AHHH the tears today! Girls are emotional and I can't handle. From the boy there was no response, and doesn't even care to find out who is in his class.