Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My firstborn is 16 today.

Random Thoughts:
  • How could this be? Wasn't she just born like yesterday?!
  • Can we take back teaching her to drive?
  • I hope her feet grow one more half size so we can share shoes.
  • Can we turn back the clock?
  • Will we ever be able to see the floor of her room again? Or the bathroom counter? I picked out that carpet and tile, you know?
  • I want to wear her Free People clothes. Will I ever fit in them?
  • Is Dave as freaked out about this 16 thing as I am?
  • This makes me feel old. Does it make my parents feel really old?
  • How did my sister-in-law deal with this when her daughters turned 16?
  • Seriously, how do we turn back the clock?
  • Alternatively, can I lock her up in her room and throw away the key until she's 18? Or 21?
  • Why does she need so many clothes?
  • How much of my hair has turned gray in the last 16 years?
  • Will we kill each other on the trip we're taking together Spring Break?
  • I must research arranged marriages.
  • Should I bring her a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate or a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino between classes?
  • Thank g/d she is not into the same things I was at her age.
  • This is a big day, a big deal. I'm so proud of her and happy she's my daughter.
Happy birthday sweet girl.

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