Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hanging out with Sophia

Do you recognize the smiley girl on the right? Yeah, neither did I. Apparently she's an 11-year-old  dance wunderkind, a role model for miniature dancers worldwide.

As it turned out, Sophia Lucia was at the same dance competition Thing 1 was over the weekend. And she was sweet enough to pop this picture with Thing 1. She was also classy enough not to audition along with the other children, leaving them with a chance to win scholarships and receive recognition, which Thing 1 did in the form of a jazz award.

This was the last dance convention of the season and I have to admit, I'm glad. From here on out it's just performances and competitions. Up next: Disneyland. Oh yeah, Dave will take her. Eldest Daughter and I will be at the annual NCL mother-daughter tea.

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