Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking for Justin Bieber

We're just back from a weekend in LA. Calabasas, actually.

Our first order of business was sugaring up at Crumbs. On our way home from Crumbs we drove by Justin Bieber's house, which is inside the gate within the gate. My niece is into Justin. She lives inside the gate but not inside the gate within the gate so it took some sweet talking to get past that second gate. Surprisingly, Justin was home. His car, which is the same as our neighbors, was in the driveway and his garage was open. One of his friends was in the garage. Pictures were taken. Not by me though.

My niece also drove us past Kourtney Kardashian's house, which is literally around the corner from my niece's house. No paparazzi. They must have been at Katherine Jackson's house, also in the neighborhood. If they could get inside the gate that is. Momma Jackson was in the news last week. Google if you're curious.

 We packed a lot into a quick weekend! Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade. The biggest Brandy Melville I've ever seen. Dave and our BIL played golf at the Calabasas Country Club. Dips in the pool both day and night. Chinese food. Steaks on BBQ with the usual suspects. A trip to Susie Cakes, which I prefer to Crumbs but which the kids do not. Walking Hayley, the cousins' new Maltipoo. Heading out of town we ran into Keyshawn Johnson at the gas station. Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara. Riding Surries. Lunch on the pier. Driving home along the 101 and dinner at Dennis and Margo's in Pasadera.

Thing 1 and I fell in love with Santa Barbara Chicken art and we came home with two pieces. They are unusual and happy and silly, and made us both grin ear to ear. The piece I bought matches nothing in our house but I really do love it.

Eldest Daughter is at sleep-away camp for the next two weeks. She's asked me not to blog about her. I will anyway. Lots. Next time.

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