Monday, October 10, 2011

And in the mail arrived a mini vacation.

Thom's Italy pictures came in the mail last week. There were 900. I edited them down to the 120 I want to keep.

I was rather lazy about shooting pictures in Italy; history has shown that I end up using most of Thom's anyway. There are easily a dozen fabulous ones of his immediate family and I can't wait to see which one makes the holiday card.

Here are a few of my favorites, ones I can't stand not to share with you.

Thom, Dave and Dave, above. Thom and my husband Dave met on move in day in the dorms freshman year at SDSU.

They've been joined at the hip pretty much ever since. The other Dave is a few years younger than my husband and Thom, and the trio are fraternity brothers. Betas in case you were wondering. There's a very similar picture to this taken in Provence. Among the lavender which makes me sneeze just recalling it.

Looking at these pictures makes me remember, again, how lucky we are that they married well. Jackie and Sara are just neat women, smart and fun. They jump right in and do what needs to be done, parenting whoever happens to be around, good traits when you're vacationing together. Jackie was kind enough to bring her sister on this trip, too. Those of you with sisters -- appreciate them! Call them right now and tell them how much you love them! I had to wait until I married to get one of my own.

Dave and Jackie's kids are so dang photogenic. This post has a great picture of them plus one that includes Maggie, Jackie's chic sister. (She is single, has a good job, a good haircut, divine taste in shoes and wants kids. Any takers?) It also has my favorite picture of Thom and Sara.

Thom easily shot a dozen gorgeous pictures of Dave and Jackie's kids solo. I hope they have a wall dedicated to these at home. Here's a great one of their family taken at Cafe Florian in Venice, where we let the kids order the most expensive and watered-down soft drinks ever. They did come with ice. Who else but a foreigner would pay that amount?! I realize I'm out on a limb complaining about a travel experience that 99% of the people on the planet will never have. I'm grateful, really I am.

Here's Thom and Sara's youngest, who we affectionately call the Human Tornado, eating gelato outside The Arena in Verona with our twins. I have a variants of this photo taken in Spain, France and Tuscany. There does exist a picture of all five of our daughters eating gelato. However, Eldest Daughter abhors when I post pictures of her so I am respecting her wishes. This time.

Thom shot this picture in Verona in Giulietta's courtyard. He did a good job capturing the graffiti and the ambiance-destroying element of it. It was rather disgusting. Look but don't touch, kids.


Thom Singer said...

I am so happy you love the photos!

Neeracha T. said...

Can you send me the ones that Thom took of the group and our family?