Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tahoe Tip #1

I wonder how many times I've driven back and forth to Tahoe in the ten years we've been regulars. One hundred is a good guess. Maybe that's why I can name every freeway exit in order in those 192 miles.

On our drive up Wednesday night we attempted to provision at Ikeda's in Auburn. Apparently it closes before 9pm on Wednesday nights. Or it was slow that particular Wednesday night and they powered down the joint early. As much of a disappointment as this was, it led to an amazing find: Raley's!

The Raley's a block down from Ikeda's is one gorgeous grocery store. (It's the Forest Hill Exit, folks.) It's much nicer than the Safeway at Blackhawk and even some of the new Safeways, like the one in Windemere. It was clean and well lit and had high shelves stocked with house and gourmet brands.

My father came up with the brilliant idea of provisioning there rather than in Truckee at 10pm, when it would be too cold for him and the gemelli to stay in the car while I power shopped. Very smart, Dad.

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